Description of Ramakrishna Math, Ulsoor

In 1906, a handful of men, who had come under the spell of Swami Vivekananda, leased a modest accommodation in Ulsoor to meet every evening and to spend time in spiritual practices. On May 5th 1906, Swami Vimalananda consecrated and installed the pictures of Sri Ramakrishna, The Holy Mother and Swami Vivekananda. The Swamis from the Sri Ramakrishna Order guided them. As this went on, the modest structure was renovated and a couple of rooms added.

On 17th Nov 1907, this modest Ashrama was formally opened with the name Vivekananda Ashrama. In 1944, this centre was affiliated to Ramakrishna Order. Since then, Vivekananda Ashrama functioned as a branch of Ramakrishna Ashram, Bull Temple road. This Ashram was declared as an independent Ashram under the Belur Math from Jan 1st 1999.

This Ashrama is also a centre for those monks who are retired from active services. These inspiring monks, who have led a contemplative spiritual life of 30-50 years, are the source of invaluable experience and wisdom to the devotees. Spiritual seekers get benefited immensely by their guidance. Such meetings are arranged with prior appointments.