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Question: How to keep my mind fresh all the day?

Answer: Dear Friend, You are not mind. Mind is again an instrument in your hand. Separate the mind from you and watch it constantly; then it will be fresh. Another easy way is to chant the name of the Lord, even while working.

Question: What are the duties of a householder? What should he aim for?

Answer: Dear Friend, The duty of the householder is to look after first all his family members with utmost respect and to bring harmony at home. Then to spend some time in thinking of God.

Question: What is Sanyasam?

The word Sannyasa means renunciation. One who renounces both externally & internally is called as a Sannyasin or monk.

Question: May I ask more about India's religion?

Answer: My Dear Friend, It is very difficult to answer this vast subject. I advise you to read the following books:
1. Hinduism - Question & Answers, by -- Swami Harshananda.
2. A Primer of Hinduism by -- D L Sharma.
3. Hinduism at a glance by -- Swami Nirvedananda.

Question: Should we have fear for god?

Answer: God is kind and benevolent. He should never be approached with fear. We should approach Him with love. But generally people approach with fear as they have peculiar concept of God in their minds. They think He is watching all our acts & punishes for all the bad deeds we commit. However, a man starts his religion by fearing God & ends up ultimately in loving Him after getting a true concept of God.

Question: What is worship?

Answer: It is a very vague question. However, any work done with a spirit of service or in order to help others without any expectation is worship. It may be rituals or serving others.

Question: I am a doctor by profession. I am married. I find it very difficult to start a spiritual life, as there is lot of conflicting thoughts in mind. What should be my idea of "work". Is it really possible to work without expecting anything in return in this material world? I am in the private sector. Without financial returns it is difficult to run the institution. Things like this always haunt me. Am I doing something wrong? This is the question that I always ask myself. The other thing is for a householder " How to be spiritual? Without hurting the emotions of the spouse? I am not able to express clearly. But at home this creates lot of misunderstanding. Is there any way of beginning a spiritual life without transgressing the rules of a family man? I am not sure whether I have made myself clear. When I read Swamiji's books I get lot of inspiration. But to put them in to real life I find it really difficult.

Answer: My Dear Doctor, Received your e-mail with some questions & doubts. You have not written what are the conflicting thoughts haunting your mind. Nobody tells to work without any expectation. It is a wrong concept of Karma Yoga. All it is said is work without any expectation of immediate result for every work. Give more importance to the means than end. Put all your effort and work very sincerely. Every work does produce the proper result, good work good result, & bad work bad result. Only with our small mind, we cannot guess when that result will come. So do your work sincerely and leave the result to the Lord. This is Karma Yoga in essence. I wish you try to get a copy of 'Karma Yoga' by Swami Vivekananda, a small booklet, but it clears all your doubts. As regards to your wife, never think you are superior to her in any way. Respect her feelings, love her as your own, and fulfill all her wants. In most of the cases, the simple ego is the cause for the quarrels and misunderstandings. This applies to your wife too. Married life is no bar to practise spiritual life. Every minute of our life can be spiritual whether we work or pray. Doctor's is a holy profession. You have great opportunity to relieve the sufferings of others. The more you sacrifice your time the more you can serve them.

RESPONSE to the Above REPLY : Thanks for the mail. It is so kind of you to have taken your time to answer my question. I do have the book on Karma Yoga. I have the "Complete works of Swami Vivekananda". It gives me great inspiration when I read his books. I would like to become a Life Member of the ashram. Can you mail me the details? I hope you have not misunderstood my question about my wife. I have a very understanding wife by His grace. It is her fear that I might go away from her if I go towards spirituality. I hope I have not wasted your time.

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