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Online Competition for school students across the country

On-line Competition

The stage-1 of the discovery programme will be held from the 1st to 15th of May, 2011. There will be two more stages. The third and final stage will be held amongst 100 most promising future leaders of the country in the premises of Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi. They will be participating in a variety of programmes throughout the day. The programme will be held in October / November, 2011. A similar discovery programme for college students will be held in 2012. For more details please click

Book stall at Gulbarga in “Kalburgi Kampu”

Dear Friends,

We are happy to inform you, that our Math has participated in a Socio-Cultural Awareness Programme namely “Kalburgi Kampu”. The programme was organized at Gulbarga, during 23rd Dec 2010 to 1st Jan 2011, by Bharat Vikas Sangam along with Hyderabad-Karnataka Abhivriddhi Vibhag, Sedam.

The purpose of the programme is to bring out a change in the attitude of Rural and Semi Urban people, who find themselves, totally depend upon Government for their social welfare.

About 7 lakh people including School children and College students from Hyderabad-Karnataka Region participated in this event which showcased the achievements, in various fields, of the local people who followed the motto of “Think globally Act locally”.

Many monks, NGOs, social thinkers, scientists, statesmen, administrators and judges participated in the programme and shared their knowledge.

People were made aware of Indian culture, of their inner potentialities, local natural resources, Hygiene, etc. Students and youth were motivated to grow with social responsibilities and to contribute to the Nation.

The programme which lasted for 10 days, was a grand success with seminars, discussions, exhibition of various talents of the rural people, sale of artifacts and literature, which connected the remote rural and semi-urban people.

Accepting the invitation, we participated in the programme to spread the inspiring and life giving messages through the literature of Sri Ramakrishna- Vivekananda – Vedanta.

You can go through the moments of the programme by clicking the below link

With best wishes,
Ramakrishna Math,
Ulsoor, Bangalore 560 008
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Sri Saradadevi Jayanti and Kalpataru day Celebrations

Dear Devotees,

The 158th birth anniversary of Holy Mother Sri Saradadevi was celebrated in our Math on Monday, 27th December 2010.

Also Kalpataru day was celebrated at the math on Saturday the 1st January 2011.

In connection with Holy Mother Sri Saradadevi’s Jayanti during December 2009, Ashrama distributed  sarees to 1000 mothers. You can go through the moments by this link
Yours in service of Holy Mother,
Swami Veetabhayananda

Bangalore Book Festival 2010 – Concluded

Dear Friends,

As announced earlier,  our Math participated in the Annual Bangalore Book festival 2010 held from 12th to 21st November at Vishala Vihar, Palace Grounds,  Bangalore.

A complementary book “Vivekananda – His Call to the Nation” which contains Great Teachings of Swami Vivekananda,  was given to the youth,  who visited the fair.

We convey our heart-felt thanks for the devotees and volunteers who rendered their valuable service to this noble cause.

You can go through the moments of the occassion by following the below link

With best wishes,

Yours in service,
Swami Veetabhayananda