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Newsletter – May 2017

Lectures by Swami Virabhadranandaji @ Ramakrishna Math Halasuru

Please find below Lectures by Swami Virabhadranandaji conducted in English in Ramakrishna Math Halasuru.

Abhaya Murthi Sri Ramakrishna

Naham Tuham

Mind and Meditation : Chanchalam Hi Manah Krishna

Mind and Meditation : Dhyanam

Self Reliance Rupini Sarada Devi

Shivratri Celebrations at Ramakrishna Math Halasuru, Bangalore

Please find Bhajans on occasion Shivrati Celebrations.

Bhajans on occasion of Vivekananda Janmatithi Puja at Ramarishna Math, Halasuru, Bangalore

Bhajan by Shri Surmani Dattatreya Velankar on occasion of Vivekananda Janmatithi Puja on 19/01/2017 at Ramakrishna Math, Halasuru, Bangalore

Celebrations Videos on Occasion of Swami Ramakrishnananda Jayanti

Youth Empowerment Sessions: 22nd August 2015

Youth Empowerment1

Youth Empowerment_2

2nd Teachers Empowerment Sessions: August 23rd 2015

Teachers' Empowerment Sessions1

Teachers' Empowerment Sessions2