Summer Camp 2009 for Children Conducted Successfully


Ramakrishna Math, Ulsoor, Bangalore conducted a Summer Camp for children for the 10th consecutive year. It was a 15 day program. Each day started with prayers consisting of Shanti Mantras from the Vedas and Bhajans. This was followed by a Yogasana class and Moral class. Then there was a tiffin break. Finally there was a general session. The children came in at 8am and left at 12 noon.


Sri Shadakshari was the chief guest of the inauguration program. Swami Shantimayanandaji from Ramakrishna Math, Basavanagudi, Bangalore was the chief guest of the Valedictory function.


There was a lot of variety in the general session. The children enjoyed a breathtaking Magic Show by the child prodigy Master Karan. This program also made the children realize that if they try, they too can explore and develop the talents hidden in them. The program “Jeevanadalli Hasya” gave a new dimension to the way the children would look at life. Puppet show done by the children of Swami Vivekananda Educational Society held the attention of the children and helped them to appreciate this wonderful folk art of Karnataka. As the program was entirely done by children it had a very special appeal to the children attending the camp. The topics of lectures given by eminent speakers included Aviation. Mental Mathematics, Craft, Music and Personality Development. Quiz and Drawing competitions were also held during the camp.


To top it all, the children performed Vidyarthi Homa with detailed instructions and explanations from the monks and brahmacharis of the Math. The parents also were invited to witness the homa. Both the students and parents enjoyed it a lot. Many children fondly recollected the homa as one of the best aspects of the camp.

Summer Camp 2009 Videos :
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Summer Camps Photos here.

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